Mission statement:
Establish a yearly event to introduce the sport of platform tennis to collegiate women and men tennis and squash players.  To create an on-going program that will expand the base of players and raise the level of the game to new heights.

Why collegiate women and men racquets’ players?
These athletes already possess superior racquet skills and the transfer over to platform tennis would be an easy adjustment.  Platform tennis is a much more social sport than the other racquet sports and would keep players active yet relaxed during their off seasons.  For tennis players, platform tennis greatly improves reflexes at the net and serving consistency.

Most college racquets players generally do not play much tennis or squash after college because they are too busy getting their careers started and they are tired of the competitive grind required in collegiate athletics.  Platform tennis would be an ideal sport because it is fun, social and can be played in doubles or mixed doubles format.

How the event works:
Players from different colleges would travel to a designated club for approximately 3 hours.  Top area paddle players will be on hand to demonstrate the sport and conduct a clinic.  Following the clinic, the participants, the top players and members from the designated club will play in an informal round robin.  At the conclusion of the event, participants will be given a handout that will give them information on private/group instruction and league information.

In the first year the focus would be on colleges in three states; CT, MA and RI.  All colleges that have tennis and/or squash programs would be invited to play.  Designated sites will be located within a 45-minute radius of the schools.  The Program Director will reach out to paddle pros and top area players and ask that they volunteer their time for this event so that there will be no labor costs.  Members of the designated sites will also be contacted to participate in the round robin portion of the event.

Light refreshments will be served and a gift bag will be given to each participant.  The gift bag will contain the Platform Tennis Magazine, APTA information, an event evaluation questionnaire and gifts from the presenting sponsors (i.e. long sleeve T-shirt, sleeve of balls).

What is the timetable for this event?
The event will take place on a Saturday or Sunday in late October or early November. During the summer the Program Director will develop a list of area colleges and the names and addresses of the tennis and squash coaches. A second list will be prepared detailing the clubs that have platform tennis courts and the names and phone numbers of the racquet professionals at these clubs. The Program Director will contact college coaches by letter in the first week of September.  The letter will briefly describe platform tennis and outline the event.  Follow up phone calls will be made to the coaches to determine which teams will participate. If the coach wants a personal visit to promote the program, the Program Director or a designated person will meet with that team to explain and promote the event.

By late September the Program Director will contact the Racquets Pros at various sites to find out if they would like to participate and which of their women players would like to play in the round robin.  Top area players will be also be contacted and given the necessary information.  It will be made clear to the Racquets Pro and the top area players that their participation is on a volunteer basis.  Each participating school will be faxed an information sheet that will give the site location and directions, day and time of event and a contact person and phone number.

One week prior to the event the college coach will fax a roster of the participating players with their phone numbers.  Program Director will confirm with Racquets Pros, top area player/hosts and participating members.

Who benefits?
The college players will benefit because they will learn a new sport that is, more than anything else, fun!  It is also another “lifetime” sport that many athletes can actually get better at as they age.

The participating club members will benefit because they will have a chance to play with top area players and talented young athletes.  They may also develop friendships with the college players and invite them back to their clubs for future games.  In paddle we are always looking for more players to draw on.

Top area players will have the opportunity to give back something to the sport they love.  They will have an opportunity to make friendships with the club members and they will have the chance to develop new players.  By developing new players we ensure the future life of the sport and by developing players with excellent racquet skill ability we can raise the overall level of the game.

Area teaching professionals will have an opportunity to develop their client base by offering private or group lessons to the college players.

The sponsors of the event, that’s right, you will have an opportunity to develop a new customer base, create brand loyalty and sell your product.  By creating an annual event and increasing the territory each year we will be able to bring in hundreds of potential players which means more customers for your product(s).

The Program Director receives a flat fee plus a percentage of sales from products sold at the event.

This is a win/win situation for everybody.

Responsibilities of Program Director:

  1. Direct liaison to sponsors.
  2. Coordinate distribution of products to sites.
  3. Develop college lists, site lists, Racquet Professionals and top area player lists.
  4. Coordinate sites, pros/hosts, college players and club members.
  5. Coordinate all promotional efforts including press releases, photos and signage a participating colleges and clubs.
  6. Design and develop event evaluation questionnaire and prepare follow up report based on respondent’s answers.
  7. Develop participants database and distribute to sponsors.
  8. Send personal thank you notes to all clubs and volunteer
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